Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The First Ze Salon

This is a guest post, written by Amrita, one of our first patrons :)

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Team Ze Salon.


We often get so comfortable in our situations and within our friend circles, that we shut ourselves from several other realities and stimulations that this world offers. We somewhere along the way, also lose out on our ability to empathise with people.

Having been stuck with this feeling for some time, I jumped onto the opportunity to join the Ze Salon group – a place where people from various walks meet & talk about stuff that interests them.

The first session that I attended was incredible! The format was simple, we were to share our views on the topics, which were selected by the organiser. The intensity of the topics moved from light to medium to heavy, as the evening progressed. We weren't given the topics beforehand which ensured that we were spontaneous and honest with our views.

The first question not only helped break the ice but also compelled me to think of my life creatively. The question was- "If your life were to be a movie, what would it be about?" A simple question which forced me to think of what that singular string in my life is, which ties together all the pearls that I hold so dearly.

We all answered passionately, honestly; letting a little window of our lives open for others to peep into. It was wonderful! We could see each other for who we were, without any expectations or judgements.

Rest of the evening, we discussed about stereotyping, movies, terrorism and religion. There were no rights or wrongs but a lot of stimulating thoughts and opinions.

I felt invigorated baring my feelings and thoughts in front of people I hardly knew. I felt this oneness - a feeling that we are in it together which enabled me to speak out my mind without any inhibitions.

It was an evening of good conversation with some good wine and beautiful people. Looking forward to many such sessions at Ze Salon!

- Amrita.


  1. I really like the idea! Is there a "bridge" I can call in to join the conversation :) ?


  2. Thanks Anirudh. Thinking about it, how to make available to people outside and still retain coziness. Will let you know :)